IBD Intense Seal LED/UV - No Cleanse Top Coat

IBD Intense Seal LED/UV - No Cleanse Top Coat

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No Cleanse Top Coat

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Revolutionary technology eliminates the need for cleansing and will convert any tacky gel surface into a __o-cleanse_ surface. Easy brush on application eliminates the need for time consuming buffing. Optical brighteners enhance pink and white nails and bring out the vibrancy in any color designs. NO CLEANSE SEALER - Does not require cleansing after curing. PERMANENT HIGH GLOSS SHINE - Leaves long-lasting glass finish on the artificial nail surface. ELIMINATES BUFFING _ Apply to the surface of the artificial nail after filing. NON-YELLOWING - Ensures high shine and brilliant bright color with gel containing optical brighteners.

How to use:

Use over traditional gel, acrylic or wrap to seal and protect. Do not buff nail smooth. Apply a thin layer of LED/UV Intense Seal making sure to cap free edge. Cure for 30 seconds under LED lamp or cure for 3 minutes under UV lamp. Keep capped when not in use. Do not store in direct sunlight.